Build an Exposure Unit for Screen Printing - EZ Expose.

the safe and Affordable EXposure Unit. 

  Why Pay Big $$$ to Burn Screens?  

Build the E-Z Expose and Save!  Easy to Build!

Full Construction Plans with Photos and Video. 

The E-Z Expose exposure unit. It's ideal for exposing screens 24” X 20” or less.  Build it yourself and save!  Safe, simple, and affordable. For only $9.99, purchase and download our 'Build your own Exposure Unit Plans'  Ebook in PDF format. Our 'how-to' Ebook includes photos and where to obtain all parts. Videos show how to build and operate.

The system features an exposure lamp and fixture, optical grade exposure glass, digital exposure timer, light scatter containment cloth, and a three level support structure. Complete instructions included. 
You'll be burning screens as soon as your unit is built!

Safe to use... Hi intensity lighting generates little heat, making it much safer than most exposure systems. A super bright light source...The E-Z Expose screen printing exposure unit utilizes either fluorescent or LED light that produces an light source equal to 500 incandescent watts!  Complete 'how-to' instructional videos... We show you how to assemble your unit (it takes only a few minutes) and how to coat and expose a screen.

Highlights of the E-Z Expose

Affordable... You can build the E-Z Expose screen printing exposure unit using our building plans for only $9.99!
Build it yourself and save hundreds over a buying a 'pro' unit!

Practical... The E-Z Expose screen printing exposure unit sets up in minutes and can be easily moved. We show you where to get all of the parts you’ll need–-at the best prices.

Economical... Easy to own and operate.  A low cost bulb that lasts 13 times longer than standard bulbs. No expensive vacuum blankets or vacuum pumps to ever replace, no expensive or dangerous hot lamps to ever replace.  Run it all day–for pennies! 

Fast... Create professional quality stencils in just a few minutes. Burn screens quickly, safely, and save time!

Multi-functional...The E-Z Expose screen printing exposure unit also works for post-exposing screens, screen examination (for pinholes or other stencil defects) and as a light box for artwork preparation or touch-up. The lower shelf can be used for storage and drying screens.

Features of the E-Z Expose

  • Dimensions: 36"L X 24"W X 41"H
  • Burns screens 24” X 20” or less.
  • Unique 3 level support system.
  • Economical LED light source.
  • Super bright white light.
  • Safe. LED light source generates little heat.
  • Practical.  No expensive pumps, lamps, or vacuum blanket that will ever need to be replaced.
  • Simple to operate.  Just turn on the lamp, put a screen on the glass and expose!
  • Affordable. You can build this unit for around $150!
  • Complete Building Plans Ebook with bonus ebooks–only $9.99!
  • Everything you need to know to build and operate your unit.

The building plans for the E-Z Expose light exposure were created and are sold by American Screen Printing Association (ASPA),  the How-to Website of Screen Printing.